Engaging in the online community

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the past year besides this blog I can honestly say I have not contributed anything of substance or value to the internet. I’ve always left that to people who have more expertise or experience in their various fields than I do. Currently I consume products and services online from websites such as ebay, groupon and amazon. At the moment nothing inhibits me from producing new and interesting material and sharing it besides the fact I’m not sure if I have anything new or interesting to talk about. If I were to produce something of this nature I am fully aware that there would be a good chance of it being remixed, distorted or changed in some way. When you post something online your taking a big risk and you need to be cautious.


Through various new technologies and websites I have been able to contribute a few things to the web. The first thing I ever uploaded was a Youtube video of me and my friends performing “stunts.” Thanks to cellphones being able to take videos we were able to capture just about anything we thought of and record it on tape. (We were young and heavily influenced by the movie “Jackass”) I cannot say I’m proud of these videos but we loved making them at the time.  Basically everyone who had a phone and an internet connection could upload their videos to Youtube and share it with the world.  As Lev Manovich said in his article ” The explosion of user-created media content on the web (2005-) has unleashed a new media universe.” Media was becoming a part of our everyday life without us really realizing it.

Another website I often contribute to would be Facebook. I will sometimes upload pictures, chat on friends walls or update my status on this website. Facebook seems like it’s part of our culture these days and it is almost strange for someone to not have an account. As Shade says in his article “the expression and sharing of ideas, stories, images, and sounds as a fundamental process of social bonding and conflict via the negotiation of norms, values, and beliefs.” Through new websites and the globalization of technology just about anyone in the world can contribute something to the internet.

Manovich, l. (2008) The Practice of Everyday (Media) Life: From Mass Consumption to Mass Cultural Production?

Shade, L. (Ed.) (2010) Mediascapes. 3rd Edition, Nelson: Toronto.


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